Sunday 4 December 2022

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Migrated Sample Output

November 28th 2022 marked a sad day in the Salesforce ecosystem, as Heroku free plans ended. From the learning perspective it's a real shame, as I'd used the free plans many times in the past to learn more about Node and other web technologies. From the live apps perspective it wasn't a huge impact, as the only work that I wanted to keep was a few static sties. Now we are into December it's happened, so time to find another home for my sites.

I ended up going for render, as it has a well regarded free tier and was very straightforward to set up. Going forward you'll find the sample output at:

I've updated some of the references in this blog and elsewhere, but I'm sure I'll have missed some, so if you come across a broken Heroku link then let me know and I'll fix it up.

Version 4.0.6

There's also a new version of the documentor plug-in available from NPM - this is a community contribution from Carl Vescovi that fixes a couple of bugs in the flow handling and adds the flow type to the output. 

The Documentation Site

In case you haven't come across it before, the Documentor is documented (meta eh?) at:

This has details of how to setup and configure the Documentor, as well as release information.

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  1. Appreciate the work you spent getting it updated! The heroku version was a lifesaver several times for me. Will have to go poke around with this new version.