Saturday 27 March 2021

Org Documentor - Field Count Badges


With large, mature implementations, it's sometimes difficult to keep track of how close you are getting to the field limits - for example, the total number of fields on an object, which varies from instance to instance, or the total number of relationship fields, which is 40 unless Salesforce are willing to raise it for you. This is compounded when you have multiple development streams working in parallel, as the total number of relationship fields in only known when the various branches are merged ready for cutting a release branch. 

As Peter Drucker said, if you can't measure it you can't improve it, so the Org Documentor is getting into the measurement business.

Field Count Badges

The latest release (3.6.0) of the Org Documentor aims to help with this, by adding Bootstrap badges containing field counts to the object documentation. Right now it's the total number of fields on the object and the total number of relationship fields, as the screen grab below from the sample metadata output shows:

If there are no relationship fields, the badge isn't rendered:

Right now the badges don't change colour to flag up that the count is close to the limit, as there's no way to know if that is the case, as the Documentor is designed to work against object metadata and doesn't have access to any orgs that the metadata is installed into. Flagging the total number of fields as close to the Enterprise Edition limit isn't helpful if it will only be installed into Unlimited Edition, and vice versa is even worse.  It's also possible that there are other fields on the object that aren't version controlled - added by a managed package for example.

So I decided to leave it as the standard Bootstrap secondary badge colour, which will remain the case unless I get feedback from users that they'd like something else. I'm also open to suggestions for additional badges - if you have any strong feelings on either of these topics, please create an issue at the plug-in Github repo.

As always, you can view the latest output for the sample metadata on the public site.

Updated Plug-in

Version 3.6.0 of the plug-in has this new functionality and can be found on NPM

If you already have the plug-in installed, just run sfdx plugins:update to upgrade to 3.6.0 - run sfdx plugins once you have done that to check the version.

The source code for the plug-in can be found in the Github repository.

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