Thursday 1 April 2021

Einstein Not Your Worst Action

Einstein Next Best Action has been a feature of Salesforce for a while now, bringing the right recommendations, to the right people, at the right time. But not everyone wants to provide a stellar service to their customers - perfect is the enemy of good, after all - and sometimes good enough is good enough.

To satisfy this demand, Bob Buzzard Enterprises is pleased to launch Einstein Not Your Worst Action - Artificial Mediocrity for the apathetic masses. Using some, but nothing like all, of the power of Einstein, you can bring tolerable recommendations to people who might be interested within a few hours. 

Rather than Recommendations and Strategies, we favour Suggestions and Tactics. No need to plan long term, just knee-jerk react based on incomplete information and move on, secure in the knowledge that you did an okay job. 

Einstein Not Your Worst Action is available for Salesforce Limited edition for one day only - contact your Unaccountable Executive to find out some of the details.

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