Saturday 2 April 2022

The Org Documentor Keeps On Executing



Back in February I added support for some of the steps of the order of execution, mostly because of the flow ordering support added in Spring 22. This has created a nice backlog of work to support more of the steps, starting with duplicate rules which I added in today. 

Duplicate Rules

This is a slight departure from earlier releases of the documentor, in that I haven't added processing of duplicate rules to generate a dedicated page, I've just added them to the order of execution page. If you think they need their own page, or more likely their own section in the object detail pages, please raise a request in the Github repository and I'll see what I can do.

The order of execution page lists the active duplicate rules and the matching rules that they depend on. I'm undecided as to whether any more information is needed, but again if you think there is, please feel free to raise an issue in the repo.

As always, you can see an updated example of the order of execution, and the other pages, generated from the sample metadata at the Heroku site.

Updated Plug-in

Version 4.0.5 of the plug-in has this new functionality and can be found on NPM

If you already have the plug-in installed, just run sfdx plugins:update to upgrade to 4.0.5 - run sfdx plugins once you have done that to check the version.

The source code for the plug-in can be found in the Github repository.

Columbo Close

Just one more thing, not related to the Documentor itself but the Google site that I use to document it. This now has it's own custom domain - With a small amount of DNS changes to apply the custom domain to the site, Google provides the SSL certificate for me, which is nice.

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