Saturday 8 August 2020

New bbsfdx Plug-In Cleanup Commands

New bbsfdx Plug-In Cleanup Commands


bbsfdx is my Salesforce CLI utilities plug-in. It receives infrequent updates, typically when I find myself doing the same thing repeatedly via workbench or the like. It doesn't have many functions as I try to keep it to utilities - anything new goes into it's own dedicated plug-in (e.g mentz, bbdoc, bbpdf). This week I found the need to add a couple of functions and published V1.3 of the plug-in.

New Commands


When the developer console won't load, up until now I've googled for the help article and followed the instructions to remove the IDEWorkspace record for my user via the workbench. 

This happened a couple of times in the last week, so I decided I needed a quicker way. 


Since the Summer 19 release, we can store up to 1,000Mb of debug logs, so I don't often fill up the storage. That said, some of the areas I work in generate logs close to the 20Mb per log limit, and it doesn't take too many of those to start causing a problem. 

Up until now I'd query and delete via the developer console, but a CLI command is a little more efficient. This command also takes a -a flag to delete all logs in the org, rather than just those for my user.


Regardless of which plug-in you need to upgrade, you run the same command:

sfdx plugins:update

this checks for newer versions of all of your installed plug-ins and, if it finds any, installs them.

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