Monday 3 January 2022

2021 Year in Review - Part 3


Another month, another new (and virtual) event. The first Consultancy Dreamin' took place on the Hopin platform. In a change of pace for me, I was looking after a cohort of speakers rather than running any sessions myself. I was also (and somewhat unexpectedly, as I'd missed the training session) facilitating a couple of panel sessions, which was great fun. Usually at these events I just have to worry about getting myself somewhere at the right time and not messing up my demo - it's a very different experience organising others, especially once the EMEA and US aspects of the event started to overlap!

July also saw my personal favourite event for the London Salesforce Developers - Discover a lightning fast way to debug in Salesforce with RFLIB. I've long been convinced that platform events are a great way to decouple automation from database transactions, and this is an excellent use of them.

The Salesforce acquisition of Slack finally went through, although it felt like it had already happened some time before. Almost simultaneously, a bunch of Trailhead badges for Slack went live and the hunt to get them all started up again. It wasn't all unicorns and rainbows though, as the Times New Express reminded us of the Salesforce execs that had departed to this point in 2021.


Salesforce launched Salesforce+ - the first (and only?) enterprise software company streaming service. While I've done some gentle mocking of this (here and here), I do think it's a great idea. It was also good to see Salesforce trying something different on the event front, albeit still trapped in front of a screen!

I reviewed Ahsan Zafar's book on Salesforce Data Architecture and Management - a good book tackling a tricky subject. Remote working was also something I was spending a lot of time thinking about, with particular reference to returning to something like normality.

An old friend, and former leader, of the London Salesforce Developers - Anup Jadhav - returned to tell us all about OmniStudio. This was an extremely well attended session, second only to Erika McEvilly's trigger session that kicked the year off. 


Dreamforce was back. Sort of. The events around the world had disappeared and San Francisco was now 1,000 attendees over 2 days, but it did happen and people were there. It was streamed on Salesforce+ rather than trying to recreate the physical event on a virtual platform, which made a bit of a change, but still kept us in front of our screens. The London Salesforce Developers had another virtual virtual watch party, but we were seeing the numbers drop as people were becoming zoomed out.  This chart of our attendance figures shows the decline - it was slow, but definitely heading down aside from the occasional event.

for this reason we'd decided to go back in-person in October. Exciting times!

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