Sunday 2 January 2022

2021 Year in Review - Part 2

The lockdown locks before and after!


Lockdown finally started to ease in the UK, with non-essential retail starting to open up and overnight stays away from home allowed again. Outdoor mixing was allowed, but with a maximum of six people from two households, so we didn't feel it made a lot of sense to move the London Salesforce Developers back in person just yet.  My fellow co-organiser, Amnon Kruvi, gave a well attended virtual talk on the Salesforce Security Review. Judging by the questions, there are clearly a lot of future ISVs among our members.

The rumour mill suggested that Salesforce were committed to an in person Dreamforce in 2021, which turned out to be accurate, although calling what happened Dreamforce seems a bit of a stretch when only a small number of people from the US were allowed to attend. I guess it was important to be seen to be holding it, but it's hard to agree with "Dreamforce is an annual event that brings together the global Salesforce community" when the vast majority of said community have to watch on a streaming platform.

Summer 21 Pre-release signups opened up, reminding us that we are never more than a few months away from a Salesforce release.

I also reviewed Tameem Bahri's book: Becoming a Salesforce Architect - I liked it then and I still like it now!


While you might never be more than a few months away from a Salesforce release, when it's May you also appear to be at the most risk of an outage, and 2021 continued the trend with a DNS issue. While the issue took the trust site down, it was good to see Salesforce continue to send people there to maximise their frustration. Why limit yourself to unhappy customers when you can turn them incandescent with rage?

Paul Battisson joined the London Salesforce Developers to tell us how to improve the performance of our Apex code by turning it up to 11.

Continuing with the performance theme, this month also saw the publication of one of my most popular blogs of the year - The Impact of System.Debug, which garnered close to 3,500 views, several comments and a new Apex PMD rule!


After 15 months without letting any scissors near me, the lockdown locks finally went, freeing me up from several minutes of grooming every week and raising over £500 for charity. They'd provided a lot of pleasure for a lot of people, mostly in the form of pointing and laughing, but their day was done.

The Summer 21 release hit production, and Salesforce published the root cause analysis of this year's instalment of the May outage. There was a new Event Bus on the way, with talk of a new pub/sub API. Six months later there's a few references to a pilot and a guide, but the marketing seems to have been dialled right down. Shades of Evergreen/Functions maybe?

Although countries were starting to open up, the virtual events kept coming, with the trailheadx developer conference. Scheduled with an eye on San Francisco local time, the near to 5pm start wasn't ideal for those of us in the UK, so I mostly caught up on the content over the next couple of months. Mostly, because the London Salesforce Developers ran a viewing party for the keynote, where we all joined a video call to watch a keynote on video. Very meta. To ensure everyone paid attention we had a word hunt, where spotting common terms from Salesforce keynotes (awesome, 1-1-1, you know the kind of thing) earned swag. An unexpected side effect of this was the entertainment of people joining an hour into the session and hoping they were the first to hear 'awesome'. Entertaining for me, as I wasn't running the competition!

Dreamforce was announced as a series of in-person events around the world, although everything outside of San Francisco quietly disappeared over the next few months. 

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