Sunday 28 November 2021

Salesforce++ Holiday Highlights

With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to take a look at the feast of programming coming in the next few weeks, starting with one from my side of the pond.

The Great British Break Point

Amateur developers compete for the crown of Britain's Top Debugger. This week focuses on the user experience, where the breakers are tasked with crafting the perfect break point to identify why a user cannot successfully create an opportunity and its related products in a single transaction. Judges Paul Cricklewood and Prue L33t are on hand to deliver the verdict. 

On your marks ... get set ... break!

Bob and Mate: Plus 8

Introduction to simple formulas featuring me, Bob Buzzard, and an acquaintance from the Salesforce ecosystem. December's episode shows how to add 8 to various numeric fields, either directly or by calculating the value 8 using advanced mathematical operations like addition and multiplication. 

Licensed at First Sight

Five prospect companies who have never seen Salesforce before are matched up to license packs by a team of experts. Cameras follow the users as they get their first sight of the system on go live day. Look out for the follow up program in 8 weeks time, when the prospects decide if they want to stay licensed or break up their contract. 

Unlike other matchmaking shows, there is no cash prize for prospects who stay with their licenses - quite the reverse as they are then liable for the full cost of the license pack, even the ones they don't want!


Follow two Apex specialists as they remedy extreme asynchronous processing gone wrong. Whether it's a maximum scope of 1 record, or exceeding the 50 million records per day processing limit, there's always hope.

Film of the Month  - Hidden Triggers (2019)

Documentary featuring the unsung trigger heroes that keep enterprises moving. Whether it's overcoming limitations with roll up summaries, or simply copying an updated field from one sObject type to another, if these triggers fail then western civilisation would quickly grid to a halt. Filmed over five years with unparalleled access to version control, see for the first time how updates to these triggers are deployed and tested. 

Contains scenes of mild jeopardy and swearing at failed deployments.

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