Saturday 14 August 2021

Salesforce++ Top Picks

Salesforce++ is the new streaming service that marries up the excitement of enterprise software with the creativity and spontaneity of reality TV, showcasing exclusive original content that other services can only dream about. 

We've watched them all so you don't have to, so read on for our pick of bunch of August's programming.

90 Day Licenseé

In this show, Salesforce Account Executives are paired up with real life prospects and have 90 days to turn them into paying customers.

As we catch up with the couples in August, Malcolm introduces Clare to his family for the first time. Malcolm's sister, Evelyn, question Clare's intentions, feeling that she is leading Malcolm on to get access to his first call deck.

If you enjoy this show, watch out for 90 Day License√© : Happy Ever After? to find out more about previous prospects - did they get the agreement they were looking for, and are they still together with their AE?

American Picklists

Following Salesforce Admins Becky and Taylor from coast to coast as they track down weird and wonderful picklists, and talk to the admins responsible for creating and maintaining them.

August - Becky and Taylor head to rural Iowa to meet solo admin Herman, who works for a local non-profit. While clearing out some old applications that hadn't been opened for years, Herman stumbled across a mint-condition picklist produced for training purposes in 2012, made up of the names of Disney characters. 

Miami ISVs

Drama featuring Sonny Crackit and Rico Tabs, two software engineers based in Miami who spend their weeks helping ISVs fine tune their app exchange offerings, and their weekends on sun-drenched beaches.

In this month's episode, Crackit suffers a concussion after crashing his jet-ski and believes himself to be Sonny Crocket from the Miami Vice TV series. Tabs faces a race against time to stop his colleague from blowing the profits from their last engagement by renting a Ferrari Daytona Spyder.

Deadliest Batch

(Documentary series following the real-life experience of several teams of hard-bitten Apex developers who make a living writing batch jobs for demanding customers)

In August, there's trouble at the family operations. At Munchausen the Slopestring brothers fall out over whether to use Database.Stateful or write information back to the database at the end of each execute method. Meanwhile, at Winter Cove, Calamity Jane Hitchcoski's development team grind around the clock to fill their record quota before tax season ends.

Say Yes to the Apex

Reality series following events at Grossmeadow Software, where the developers try to find the perfect Apex solutions for a different admin and their entourage every week.

August : Can Team Leader Jackie design the perfect Apex for newly single admin Roberto? Roberto has dreamt about replacing his ageing workflow rules with a stylish Apex solution, and is keen to make it happen this year as a tribute to his step-uncle, who died 15 years before Roberto was born. He'll be deploying the code from Honolulu, so is keen that it has a Hawaiian feel to it.

Film of the Month: Bad Multi-Tenant

[While it might not feel like it, streaming services aren't all about reality shows. Salesforce++ features a mix of new and classic movies]

August gets off to a blistering start with a hard hitting classic from the early 90s. Harry Cortez stars as MT, a Salesforce Architect who delights in exploiting loopholes to use more than his fair share of Salesforce resources.  As he closes in on rock bottom, he is given a shot at redemption when he stumbles across a post on Stack Exchange asking for help writing the unit tests for an Apex trigger.

Contains scenes of limit abuse and unbounded SOQL queries.

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  1. Needs a food show or cooking competition option.

    Watch as 2 admins and 2 developers compete on who can build the best solution. Winner goes to the finals and a chance to win 10,000 hoodies. Guest BA Reid Carlberg with today's surprise requirements.