Sunday 30 April 2023

Reactive Flow Components in Spring 23


A typical scenarios where I favour lightning pages over flows is where a user's decisions around field values need to have a major impact on the rest of the elements being displayed, and where a wizard interface would slow the user down too much. A great example of this is our BrightMEDIA order booking page. As the user inputs information about the type of advert, where it needs to appear, what size it is and when it appears, the price is dynamically recalculated and displayed. The user typically has the customer on the phone, and there may be a few cycles of tweaking the details to hit a price point - what happens if we make it a bit smaller, move it to another section etc. Paging back and forward through the wizard wouldn't be a great experience, along with the need to keep saving the order as navigation between pages takes place. 

With the Spring 23 release of Salesforce, it looks like in future flow will become a candidate for this kind of user interface with the advent of the Reactive Flow Components beta. Simply put, you can wire the input of one component up to the output of another component, and react when changes occur. 

As this is a beta, you'll have to opt-in to it for any org where you want to use reactive components by checking the box in the Automation Settings 

The Sample

A lot of the demos around reactive anything tends to be a table of accounts that updates when the user inputs the desired number of entries. That's exactly what I started with to get a handle on how this works, but it's not overly interesting, so I decided to return to our BrightMEDIA accelerator for inspiration. 

One of the more complex Lightning Components we have in the order booking page is the data picker. This can render as a drop down or a calendar, with dates available for selection rendered in specific styles depending on whether capacity is available, if they are contiguous with a selected start date, and many other rules. 

So for my sample I have a couple of custom Lightning Web Components:

  • A Publication Picker - this is a simple choice style component, but I've had to go custom as the standard choice component doesn't yet have reactive support. Each publication has a checkbox that indicates if it publishes on weekends as well as weekdays.
  • A Date Picker - this is a calendar component that by default displays a 7 day week, but if the selected Publication doesn't publish on weekends, switches to a 5 day week.
I create a simple screen flow and add a two column screen component, with my two custom components:

The Publication Picker defines an output property named publishesWeekends, which is set to the value from the selected Publication. I wire this to the weekends input property on the datePicker:

When I run the flow, as I switch my choices between Publications, the Date Picker changes how it renders to reflect 7 days a week publishing:

or 5 days a week:

It's early days for this, but definitely a step in the right direction. This feels like an area where you'll benefit from developer support to create truly reactive experiences, as this will really pop with custom components that can change their styling based on user selections. 

The Code

You can find the code behind the sample in Github. Spin up a scratch org, deploy the code, create a couple of publications and run the flow.  Don't forget to opt in to the beta as outlined above, or like me you'll sit there scratching your head trying to figure out what you've broken :)
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