Saturday 9 January 2021

Org Documentor - A Little More Configuration


I received a feature request in the Org Documentor Github repository this week, which didn't come as a huge surprise as it was from one of my colleagues (Firoz Mirza, who has featured before in this blog) and I'd asked him to raise it. The ask was to make the report title in the home page configurable, rather than the 'Org Report' that is generated by default.

I try to keep the switches on plug-ins of this nature as simple as possible, preferring to keep the granular behaviour in the config file, otherwise you start to run out of letters. I also don't like making people configure behaviour that they don't care about, so if there is no title in the config file, the default of 'Org Report' will be used.

It made sense to make the subtitle configurable, so you can add the following to your json config file to configure one or both of these - in this case I've chosen a title of 'Instance Overview' and a subtitle of 'From the metadata source' :

    "title": "Instance Overview",
    "subtitle": "From the metadata source",
    "objects": {

After updating my installed plug-in to the latest version (3.4.3) and executing the doc command against my sample Salesforce metadata, I'm pleased to see that my home page has picked up the changes:

You may also notice the the README has been updated for the plug-in - I left this as the autogenerated version created when building the plug-in, and it was pointed out to me recently that it suggests using npm install to install the plug-in, rather than the sfdx plugins:install command (thanks Lawrence Newcombe!).


Version 3.4 of the plug-in has this new functionality and can be found on NPM

If you already have the plug-in installed, just run sfdx plugins:update to upgrade to 3.4.

if you aren't already using it, check out the dedicated page to read more about how to install and configure it.

The source code for the plug-in can be found in the Github repository.

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