Monday 27 August 2018

Lightning Emp API in Winter 19

Emp API in Winter 19


It’s August. After weeks of unusually sunny days, the schools in the UK have broken up and the weather has turned. As I sit looking out at cloudy skies, my thoughts turn to winter. Winter 19 to be specific - the release notes are in preview and some of the new functionality has hit my pre-release org. The first item that I’ve been playing with is the new Emp API component, which takes away a lot of the boilerplate code that I have to copy and paste every time I create a component that listens for platform events.

From the preview docs, this component

Exposes the EmpJs Streaming API library which subscribes to a streaming channel and listens to event messages using a shared CometD connection. This component is supported only in desktop browsers. This component requires API version 44.0 and later.

What I Used to Do

Previously, to connect to the streaming API and start listening for events, I’d need code to:

  • Download the cometd library and put it into a static resource
  • Add the static resource to my component
  • Instantiate org.cometd.CometD
  • Call the server to get a session id
  • Configure cometd with the session id and the Salesforce endpoint
  • Carry out the cometd handshake
  • Subscribe to my platform event channel
  • Wiat for messages

What I do Now

  • Add the lightning:empApi component inside my custom component:
  • Add an error handler in case anything goes wrong
  • Subscribe to my platform event channel
  • Wait for a message

In practice this means my controller code has dropped from 70 odd lines to around 20,


The first thing I need for an example is a platform event - I’ve created one called Demo_Event__e, which contains a single field named ‘Message__c’. This holds the message that I’ll display to the user.

My example component (Demo Events) actually uses a couple of standard components - the Emp API and the notifications library - the latter is used to show a toast message when I receive an event:

<lightning:empApi aura:id="empApi" /> 
<lightning:notificationsLibrary aura:id="notifLib"/>

The controller handles all the setup via a method invoked when the standard init event is fired. Before I can do anything I need a reference for the Emp API component:

var empApi = component.find("empApi");

Once I have this I can subscribe to my demo event channel - I’ve chosen a replayId of -1 to say start with the next event published. Note that I also capture the subscription object returned by the promise so that I can unsubscribe later if I need to (although my sample component doesn’t actually do anything with it).

var channel='/event/Demo_Event__e';
var sub;
var replayId=-1;
empApi.subscribe(channel, replayId, callback).then(function(value) {
      console.log("Subscribed to channel " + channel);
      sub = value;
      component.set("v.sub", sub);

I also provide a callback function that gets invoked whenever I receive a message. This simply finds the notification library and executes the showToast aura method that it exposes.

var callback = function (message) {
      	"title": "Message Received!",

On the server side I have a class exposing a single static method that allows me to publish a platform event:

public class PlatformEventsDemo 
    public static void PublishDemoEvent(String message)
	    Demo_Event__e event = new Demo_Event__e(Message__c=message);
                Database.SaveResult result = EventBus.publish(event);
                if (!result.isSuccess()) 
            for (Database.Error error : result.getErrors()) 
                System.debug('Error returned: ' +
                             error.getStatusCode() +' - '+

Running the Example

I’ve added my component to a lightning page - s it doesn’t have any UI you’ll have to take my word for it! Using the execute anonymous feature of the dev console, I publish a message:

Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 13 51 12


And on my lightning app page, shortly afterwards I see the toast message:


Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 13 49 55


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  2. Hi,

    I need to alert service agent if some other agent updates the viewing record. is there any way to achieve that on lightning?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi Bob this is really nice, can I ask, I am getting an error that I dont understand what it emans, my component on load starts with received error, so I added JSON.stringify(message) on var errorHandler, i get: {"clientId":"6m0efshi7ttezdfizxsn0mraqam","channel":"/meta/subscribe","id":"809","subscription":"/s/notifications/readstate","error":"400::The replayId for channel {/s/notifications/readstate} wasn't found using the provided replay ID map {{}}. Ensure that the channel name you provided in the replay map is valid and matches the channel name used for subscribing.","successful":false}