Friday 1 July 2011

Trust Salesforce Notifications with Blogtrottr

In addition to being a Salesforce implementation and ISV partner, my employers (BrightGen) provide a managed service offering in the Salesforce space. As part of this, we are always looking to keep on top of the current Salesforce status so that we are aware of problems before our customers are affected.

A couple of releases ago, Salesforce added RSS feeds to the site, which provides a feed of status updates on a per-instance basis. Useful information, but we needed a way to monitor this information in an unattended fashion and receive updates when something important happened.

A few googles later, I came across Blogtrottr.  This is an online service where you supply the URL of an RSS feed and an email address, and you are mailed feed updates as and when they are published.

This means that the next time an issue occurs on Salesforce, the information arrives in my mailbox without any effort on my part:

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