Saturday 25 June 2011

London Developer Meetup

This Thursday saw the inaugural London Developer Meetup, kindly sponsored by Tquila and organized by Wes Nolte, a name familiar to most readers of this blog I'm sure.  After years of reading about developer meetups all over the US, we finally got to have one of our own, and to top it all Jeff Douglas was attending.

There were three short talks - an overview of Talend, some thoughts on how to improve appplication development and a lively debate around whether Dynamic Visualforce Components are the Devil's work or a useful addition to the developer's tools.

There was also plenty of opportunity for networking and a chance to finally meet many people that I've had online exchanges with in the past.

Here's a picture from the event (courtesy of Ritesh Aswaney): L-R Bob Buzzard, Jeff Douglas, Wes Nolte:

The next meetup is scheduled for August 2nd.

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