Saturday 28 August 2021

The certificate associated with the consumer key has expired

This week a couple of my continuous integration builds started failing. This in itself isn't unusual - these are typically end to end builds that create scratch orgs, set up standing data, run a bunch of tests, so it doesn't take much to tip the odd one over.  I didn't find anything helpful about the error message online though, so I'm writing this post so that it will appear as a match for the next person that is trying to find out more!

The error was something I hadn't seen before - "The certificate associated with the consumer key has expired.".  Googling didn't bring up much, one person had reported it before and they had got around it by removing their CLI installation and starting again. Not an option for me as the CLI setup on my CI machine would take a fair amount of effort to recreate. Time to start digging.

The first place I looked was the CLI itself - I typically don't update this much on my CI machine, as it hasn't been the most stable tool in terms of working new releases over the last year or so. It seemed entirely plausible that something embedded in the CLI had expired, so I updated everything and waited. Sadly this didn't fix my scratch builds, but it did break one of my static code analysis jobs, as a rule had switched from Java to XPath, and I had references to the Java class in one of my custom configurations. That was a relatively quick fix, so shortly I was no worse than the day before.

Next was the JWT grant for the org that I'm using as a dev hub for these builds. I was able to query data from the org without any problem, so it didn't seem to be that. Then I tried creating a scratch org and got the same error, so it seemed likely that it was related, but not as obviously as it might have been. 

Once I'd remembered how to access a connected app's configuration, I could see that the self-signed certificate for the app had expired about 9 hours before the build started failing.  Clearly I had found the problem.  

My next thought was that I would have to go through the whole JWT grant again - not something I look forward to, mainly because I don't do it that often and I always remember it being worse than it is. The first thing I needed to do though, was create a new self-signed certificate for the connected app, which I duly did. I was tempted to make the certificate last 10 years (apparently openssl self-signed certs can go out for around 75 years), but that felt like trading security for convenience, which is never a good thing to do. Once I'd updated the cert I decided I'd have a quick go at creating a new scratch org and it worked! No need to generate a new grant, I was off to the races. I then encountered a problem deleting scratch orgs, but this is something I'm also seeing on another machine that is authorised to a different dev hub via web login, so it feels like that is a different issue. I can also work around it with some scheduled Apex, so I'm happy to wait and see if it goes away!

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