Saturday 8 August 2015

Trailhead - Bigger, Better, Badgier

Trailhead - Bigger, Better, Badgier

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Trailhead has received a major injection of new content in the run up to Dreamforce, and now boasts 30 projects, 7 trails and 6 projects.

If you haven’t used Trailhead yet (Seriously? What have you been doing with your free time?), take a look at my intro blog post to cover the basics.

New Trails

A number of trails have received additional content, but there are also two brand new trails to get tackle:

  • Admin Trail - CRM
    Up until now the trails tended to be focused on customisation or development of the platform side of Salesforce, but that’s no longer the case. This trail introduces the concepts of Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities, and takes you through configuring sobjects, creating records, setting up a sales process and assigning and converting leads. These are all key skills for administering a Sales Cloud implementation, so if you are thinking of taking your career in that direction its an excellent starting point
  • Dreamforce Trail
    A short trail, comprised of a single module with 3 steps. If you are going to Dreamforce for the first time this year, get the heads up on the general experience and specifics for admins and developers. I’ll be there again this year, but in a change of pace I’ll be manning a stand in the customer success zone so I won’t be able to spend the whole week in the dev zone as I usually do.

New Badges

There are 5 new badges available - 4 across the two new trails covered above, and one for the new Event Monitoring module.

Event Monitoring

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This is a new module on the Intermediate Developer Trail, this is an example of why you should check back with Trailhead regularly - just because you completed a trail a couple of months ago doesn’t mean that’s still the case!

The Event Monitoring module is a shining example of another Trailhead benefit - it gets you working on aspects of the platform you might otherwise miss out on. The event log is something I’ve read about and answered questions on when maintaining certifications, but its not something that I’ve had reason to use up to now. This module not only gets into the details, but also has you working with the event log in your developer edition via the workbench.

Quick Starts and Projects

These aren’t new, but are something that I’ve only just picked up on. The quick starts are ideal if you want to get a rapid, hands on introduction to a particular area of the platform but you only have half an hour or so to spare. The projects require a more significant investment of time, and consist of a number of modules that layer on each other to build a full blown application.

Don’t Delay

There’s a lot of content on Trailhead already. and its only going to get bigger (and badgier!), so the sooner you get started the sooner you’ll have a plethora of badges to brag about on your social media channel of choice.

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