Saturday 19 April 2014

London SFDG - UX Meetup

in a departure from our usual 3rd/4th Wednesday of the month, the London Salesforce Developer Group meetup for April took place on 16th April at Make Positive’s offices just south of the Thames.  The reason for the date movement was a special guest speaker - Richard Boardman (@uxrick), Lead UX Researcher from Salesforce was in town and stopped by to give us a talk.


This was a departure from our usual code-centric talks, focusing more on the tools and processes that Salesforce utilise to conduct research into the user experience, ranging from monitoring users while they work in dedicated labs to ride-alongs with salespeople. Also, in a move that if repeated I’m sure will hit our attendee numbers, we were given some coursework to do - draw our perfect Salesforce1 experience on a blank phone image.  I look forward to seeing Marc Benioff demonstrating my design at the Dreamforce ’14 Keynote.

A Q&A session then took place, with one or two grievances about the Salesforce1 and main UI being aired, before we repaired to a local hostelry to continue the discussions/arguments.

Having to host this meetup earlier than usual has actually turned out rather well, as Salesforce1 Developer Week takes place worldwide from April 27th - May 3rd, and we’ll be running the London event on April 30th at Tquila’s offices in London - watch out for another blog post with some more detail in a day or two.

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