Sunday 3 January 2021

2020 Year in Review - Part 4

Behind the scenes in the Trailblazer Lounge


The London Salesforce Developers gave ourselves a break from organising meetups this month, as we said a fond farewell to Richard Clark and welcomed Erika McEvilly as our new co-organiser.

BrightFORUM launched on the app exchange - our second lightning bolt. I appeared on a couple of podcasts - Salesforce Developer Podcast with Josh Birk and the SFDC Consultant Podcast with Emeric Gabor. 

Einstein Analytics became Tableau CRM. Dreamforce to You was announced, consisting of a Keynote, meetings with account execs(!) and DreamTX for learning about new features and best practice.


The UK went back into lockdown for four weeks. Not the same as the first lockdown though, so another word would really have been a better idea. London Salesforce Developers resumed our events programme with a session on our (and others) favourite tools. This was really enjoyable as we had a load of speakers (from the UK, Moscow, USA and the Philippines) who gave us the highlights of their favourite tool and what was great about it. I came away with a list of items to look at that I'm still working through.

The second EMEA cohort of Speaker Academy started their course.

I appeared on a panel for the Ashburn Women in Tech, along with Melissa Hill Dees and Domenique Buxton, to talk about my Salesforce journey. Once again, something that would have been impossible to do in person.

Salesforce reported to be interested in buying Slack. As the Dreamforce keynote was only a week or two away, seemed highly likely this deal was going to complete very soon. Salesforce UK&I got a new CEO from Accenture - Zahra Bahroloumi.


The new word for lockdown type events was in place when we came out of Lockdown 2 - Tier. Three tiers were created, with hardly anywhere in the lowest level of tier 1. I was in tier 2 for a couple of weeks, then tier 3 for a few days, then into the newly created tier 4 with Christmas cancelled at 5 days notice. This left me with a 15lb turkey and enough of everything to feed 10 people. Safe to say my freezer is well stocked for the New Year.

As is traditional, the Salesforce London Developer, Admin and Women in Tech groups combined for the Xmas Megameet - a look back at our year, a quiz from Peter Chittum, scavenger hunts, ugly jumpers, wine and mince pies. It's a bit of an odd one to carry out virtually, especially given the sheer number of attendees, but great fun. 

I appeared with Jodi on Supermums podcast to talk about Speaker Academy - 3 podcasts in a couple of months, definitely a sign of the times.

The Dreamforce to You agenda was released - keynote on Dec 2nd followed by four days of learning with DreamTX from 13th-17th December. I was lucky enough to be offered a place in the Trailblazer lounge for the fourth (Trailhead) day, which was a blast. The only downside is you don't get to see the sessions as they are broadcast, but the upside is you get to meet a bunch of great people from around the world, and find out a lot more about what goes into this aspect of the event.

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