Saturday 16 August 2014

Replace Visualforce Buttons in Salesforce1

On my Account record view page, I have a custom button :

Screen Shot 2014 08 16 at 16 31 17

which opens a Visualforce page to allow me to edit the Account and its related Contacts on a single page (based on my Edit Parent and Child Records with Visualforce - Part 1 blog post):

Screen Shot 2014 08 16 at 16 31 26

Unfortunately, the Salesforce1 application doesn’t render custom Visualforce buttons, so this is missing from the Account details view in the app:

Sf1 1

Now I can add the Visualforce page as a custom publisher action for the account object, allowing access from the publisher menu:

Screen Shot 2014 08 16 at 16 44 31

but this displays the page inside the publisher popup, meaning there’s less real-estate and the Cancel and Submit buttons that I don’t really want at the top of the page (note that the screenshot is from an iPad, on a phone the page isn’t really usable as it currently doesn’t use responsive design):

Screen Shot 2014 08 16 at 16 47 02

What I’d really like is the publisher action to launch the Visualforce page full screen, but unfortunately there’s no way to configure this.  What I can do, is have the publisher action launch an interim page, which then navigates to the Visualforce page via the Salesforce1 navigation JavaScript.  The interim page is pretty simple:

<apex:page standardController="Account">
  <h1>Please Wait</h1>
    Redirecting ....
    if ( (typeof window.sforce != 'undefined') && (window.sforce!=null) ) {'/apex/AccountAndContactsEditV1?id={!}');
    else {
      alert('Not in SF1 :(');

Note that as always I’ve checked to see if I’m in the Salesforce1 application, as the navigateToURL method is only available when that is the case. Clicking on the ‘MultiEdit’ publisher action now briefly displays a Please Wait page:

Screen Shot 2014 08 16 at 16 53 42

followed by the MultiEdit page, without any unwanted borders or buttons:

Screen Shot 2014 08 16 at 16 55 02

As a bonus, the publisher action doesn’t impact the navigation, so clicking the back button on the top right takes me back to the record detail page of the account in question.  The downside to this is that it requires two round trips to the server - the first to retrieve the interim Visualforce page and the second to retrieve the target page. 


  1. Using inline visualforce page with custom buttons will probably help you in this case.

    1. Inline Visualforce pages aren't supported in Salesforce1. You could do it with a mobile card, but a publisher action is where users will expect this type of functionallity to be made available.

    2. But mobile cards are sort of read only section on you salesforce1 app, if i am not wrong?

      when you click on the cards it redirects you to same visualforce page you showed in cards.

    3. Yes, but once you click through the mobile card, you can then interact with the page.

  2. Your statement is not quite accurate:
    Unfortunately, the Salesforce1 application doesn’t render custom VF buttons
    Enable Mobile on your VF page and the Button will be available.
    Whether this helps your end goal, I have not explored further.

    1. This is true, I just tested in Spring 15 and verified that the button will show as a Quick Action link in the bottom navigation. Clicking the button goes to a full screen VF page, not a pop-up.

  3. Once again you save the day sir!

  4. Hi @Bob Buzzard

    Above mentioned code is not working for me. I tried
    if ( (typeof window.sforce != 'undefined') && (window.sforce!=null) ) {

    alert(insisde sf 1);

    However, it shows me alert in standard salesforce rather than in sf1.

  5. Hi Bob,
    I have a VF page where I am saving a record and using, 'detail') I am redirecting to recordView. But SF1 app back button is taking me to the page where i was working even after I saved the record. Is there a way to remove/disable back button to avoid such situation?