Saturday 28 June 2014

London Salesforce Developers - June Meetups

No, the title isn’t a typo - in June the London Salesforce Developers had no less than three events.

Unfortunately I missed the first one - this took place on 11th June while I was taking a few days holiday in San Francisco after the MVP Summit. The venue was Tquila’s offices in Smithfield and the subject was "Getting Up Close and Personal with Heroku”.  It doesn’t look like anyone has written this up in a blog post, but if I find one I’ll add it here. If you know of one, let me know in the comments. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Tod Nielsen, CEO of Heroku, presenting to the group:



The second meetup, on “Integrating Clouds & Humans with Wearable Apps", took place on June 17th. This was a late breaking event, as it followed hot on the heels of the official announcement by Salesforce, and was in doubt for a while due to most of the organisers being on holiday or out of the country and no venue being available.  Luckily Joshua Hoskins and Appirio stepped in and saved the day. I’m pretty sure that none of us knew much about this topic prior to the event, so it was a good learning exercise for everyone - I didn’t realise that the wearable was tied to a smartphone for example.  One of the downsides to seeing this cutting edge technology is the realisation that it won’t be available in the UK for quite some time - Google Glass has only just gone on sale, for example, 2 years after it was available in the US.  Here’s Joshua introducing Developer Evangelist James Ward :


The final event of the month was our regular 4th Wednesday meetup, which took place on June 25th at Make Positive’s offices.  The theme was Tooling and David Helmer of Mavens Consulting gave a talk on Mavens Mate:


The numbers were excellent considering we were running at an event a week, even for the wearables event where the attendees only had a few days notice.

At times like these, those of us that are organisers of the group have to remind ourselves how lucky we are. It seems like every time an evangelist/product manager/executive is in the country they want to come and present to us - a lot of groups would kill for the calibre of guest that we get and we are always grateful that they take the time out of their busy schedules to fit us in.  The wearable tech, for example, was the first one in the world as far as I’m aware, and we just got asked if James could come and give a talk as he was in the country.  Three events in as many weeks is a lot of effort from everyone concerned, but they are first world problems for sure.

The next meetup is scheduled for July 23rd - whether this turns out the be the next one the way things are going is anyone’s guess. To keep up with the latest information, look out for the hash tag #LonDevSFDC on twitter.

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