Sunday 25 May 2014

Salesforce1 World Tour

The Salesforce1 World Tour reached London on 22nd May 2014.  In a change of format from previous Salesforce events, the Expo and Dev Zone was open from 8:15 until the keynote started at 10:30.  As BrightGen, were a Platinum Sponsor, this meant our stand had to be show ready by 8am.  The stars had aligned for us in terms of workloads, which allowed us to bring a fair few staff with us, including a few new joiners who had never been to a show before.  

We had a high level of interest in our offerings, so I spent most of the day on our stand aside from my Dev Zone talk at 2:30. Every year the Dev Zone gets bigger and better and this year was no different - standing room only for all of the talks and a very attentive audience.  My talk was on Responsive Design with Visualforce Pages and the slide deck is available below:

For my talk I created a simple blog site, containing a home and links page.  You can access the site at :

and if you’d like to see the code behind it, that is available on Github at:

The Github repository has a link to an unmanaged package if you’d like to install the code into your own developer edition to play around with it.

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