Saturday 1 March 2014

London Salesforce Developers February Meetup


Along with a few others (Bay Area, Sydney) this week saw the February meetup of the London Salesforce Developer Group, kindly hosted by Make Positive at their London offices. Like our last meeting in January, this was a themed event and the theme was Salesforce1 - a hot topic at the moment in the Salesforce world, as evidenced by the 92 people that registered to attend.

First up we had Carolina Ruiz from Financial Force:


Carolina’s talk covered:

  • Using Publisher Actions in SF1 - micro moments - main features, overview, how do they fit in SF1
  • Notifications world in SF1
  • Other features of SF1
  • Mobile cards
  • Flexipages

Financial Force were involved in the beta for Salesforce1, so Carolina was able to share some insights into her experience developing against an early release of Salesforce1 and how it has evolved since then.  You can find the slides for this talk on slideshare here.

Next was me, on the topic of Salesforce1 for Visualforce developers.  


This was mainly about what doesn’t work and what not to do when adding Visualforce apps/pages to Salesforce1, and how to workaround problems that might be encountered.  The slide deck from my talk is on slideshare here. I’m planning a blog post to cover the topics in the slides with a little more explanation, so stay tuned.

The Developer Group next meets at Make Positive on March 26th 2014. If you are interested in joining us, you can join our meetup group at :

to find out more and be notified of upcoming events.

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