Sunday 27 July 2014

London Salesforce Developers July Meetup - Deployment

July saw the London Salesforce Developers in a new location - at the Google Campus in Shoreditch, just a 10 minute walk from Liverpool Street station, and more importantly for me a 15 minute walk from the BrightGen offices in Salesforce Tower. We had an excellent turnout this month - I’d estimate we had around 70-80% of those that signed up attend on the day, which is a fair bit more than usual.


The theme this month was all things deployment.

This is an area that we haven’t covered before, so I volunteered a talk around the standard tools - the IDE (aka Eclipse plugin), Change Sets, the Migration Tool (aka Ant extension),Managed Packages and Unmanaged Packages - not just what the tools are and their capabilities, but also when it is appropriate to use each of them.


You can find the slide deck from my talk on slide share. In the first day that this deck was up it gather 250 hits and 6 downloads, so it appears there is plenty of interest in the basics of deployment tools.  Its always a juggling act to get the level of content right for these meetups, and sometimes wonder if we are a little neglectful of those members that are new to the platform.

Guy Keshet then gave a deeper dive talk on using the Migration tool for deploying a large code base in a controlled and automated fashion, with a few real-world case studies to show how the theory never quite matches up to the practice.


You can find Guy’s slide deck on dropbox.

If you are a Salesforce developer (or interested in becoming one) in the London area, you should join the meetup group if you haven’t already - you can sign up on our dedicated meetup site

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