Sunday 13 October 2013

My Dreamforce 2013 Sessions

The waiting is finally over - the agenda builder for 2013 is live.  For those who've been anxiously looking for the times of my sessions (me, at least) - here they are, with the added bonus that I'm a panelist on a third session on the Technical Architect certification. There's also a session that isn't mine, but you won't want to miss - the Developer Keynote.

Ticket to Ride

A 30 minute session in the Mobile Theatre, Moscone West, 1:45-2:15PM on Tuesday 19th November:

"Join's MVP Keir Bowden as he demonstrates a pair of hybrid applications that allow passengers to download tickets for use even when offline, and drivers to scan the ticket from the traveler's mobile device and register the passenger's presence on the journey. You'll see specific code examples of offline storage, QR code generation, and scanner integration."

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Technical Architect Certification: Learn From Our Experts

 A one hour breakout session in room 3024, Moscone West, 4:30 - 5PM on Tuesday 19th November:

"Join us to navigate the pathway to's most difficult, but most prestigious certification: Technical Architect. Discover if you currently have the skills necessary to obtain this certification and if not, how to gain them. Learn from partners who have achieved the certification and the experience, skills and capabilities they leveraged to prepare for the certification process."

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Mobilizing Your Visualforce Application with JQuery and KnockoutJS

 A 45 minute breakout session in room 2011, Moscone West, 5:15 - 6:00 PM on Wednesday 20th November:

"Join MVP Keir Bowden (aka Bob Buzzard) to learn how to mobilize your Visualforce applications. We'll take an existing survey application and make it mobile by creating pages based on the JQuery Mobile framework, replacing stateful controllers with Javascript remoting, and using Knockout.js to manage client-side data."

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Developer Keynote: Develop Social and Mobile Apps Faster Than Ever

A 1 hour session in the Gateway Ballroom, Moscone South, 10:30 - 11:30AM on Wednesday 20th November:

With more than one million developers worldwide, Salesforce Platform is the world's leading enterprise cloud platform for building mobile and social apps. Join Adam Seligman, VP of Developer Relations, and the rest of the developer community to hear how any developer can build killer social and mobile apps faster with the latest platform innovations."

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  1. Hi bob..
    I have a Requirement : If Field 'Record Type 1' = 'Parts' the 'Summary' Field input is mandatory. Both fields are in two diff page block sections.

    I am able to get the error message but it is not working as desired. even on the 'Record Type 1'= 'End User' it is showing Validation error on Summary.

    function setRequired(){
    if(document.getElementById('{!$Component.form1.block1.thePageBlockSection.Summary}').value == '')

    Thank you !! Please let me know if you have questions..