Sunday 11 September 2011

Dreamforce Day 2

As mentioned on the day 1 blog entry, day 2 started with the keynote. Thanks to @ericakuhl, there were excellent seats for the MVPs - Neil Young was four seats ahead, and it doesn't get much better than that. A couple of items from the keynote that really caught my attention were: 1. Customers in private chatter groups. Here at BrightGen we aim to use google docs for collaboration with customers, but have found that a number of customers don't have access to this, even anonymous access. Looking at the pre-release notes there's not much to it - simply create the customer users, mark the group as allowing customers and add them to it. I've just signed up for a pre-release trial so that I can play around with this. I'll post how I get on. 2. Data residency option. This allows sensitive data to be encrypted before it is sent to Salesforce, using software installed inside your firewall. Thus even in the event of the unthinkable happening, and your Salesforce data being compromised, only you have the key to the encrypted data. Obviously there are some downsides to this - searching for short tex snippets is unlikely to be successful, although exact match search should work better, as the search text will be encrypted using the same mechanism as the original record. It will also mean that all connections route through this software, which could get interesting for mobile working. There's also the option of storing data in your own database and putting associated tokens into the Salesforce database, but unfortunately I couldn't find out much more about this option - as soon as I do I'll share! The rest of the working day was streaming Api for me - an excellent live build from Pat Patterson in the second session. And so to Metallica - this was the busiest I've seen the Moscone Center - thousands stuck outside trying to get in. Luckily I joined the lines under the street early so didn't miss too much. Nothing like the feeling when your whole body is vibrating to the bass! A short set from Will.I.Am rounded off the evening, ith keynote 2 just a few hours away.

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