Friday 15 April 2011

Certified Service Cloud Consultant

Last week I passed the Certified Service Cloud Consultant exam!  I based my revision on this excellent post from Jeff Douglas.  I'm obviously not as experienced as Jeff at the service cloud as I had to put a lot more time into my revision - probably around 40 hours.

I'd add the following to the list of guides/cheatsheets:

  • Salesforce Entitlements Implementation Guide
  • Salesforce Answers Implementation Guide

I found that the vast majority of the questions presented a scenario with a set of requirements and asked you to select this answers that would satisfy this.  Its very important to read the question properly as sometimes a metric or feature is mentioned in the question but as not required or interested!

And finally, many questions were around metrics or KPIs - what to measure and report on.

Please don't ask for or post any exam questions/answers, as this is contravenes the test taker agreement that we all sign up to at the beginning of the exam and devalues the certification.


  1. hi,

    I'm contemplating to appear for this exam as I've extensive experience in customer service and support and I'm also a certified administrator. Can you please share your lessons learned during exam prep so that it can benefit a lot of us. What was your approach during the exam? What material did you follow during preparation?


  2. Basically I read the guides/cheat sheets a number of timesand then implemented all of the features that were mentioned. I carried out e implementation close to the exam that the configuration aspects were fresh in my mind. Aside from that, you need experience of working with customers to understand thei problems snf how salesforce can address them.

  3. Hi,

    Did you complete online premier training as mentioned in the study guide or just followed the implementation guides and cheat sheets?

    Please advise

  4. Hi,

    No, I didn't complete training. I worked through the guides/cheat sheets but also I've used the service cloud features for some implementations and thus have relevant experience.

  5. Hi,

    Any specific order to be followed to go through these support sheets?


  6. I went though them in the order specified on Jeff's blog. For the two that I added, I used the entitlements when going through cases and answers right at the end.

  7. Hi Bob,
    I am preparing for Salesforce service cloud certification. I have seen all the videos that are available on partner potral. but I dont have any cheat sheets to work on it. Can you able to share those cheat sheets with me.
    Thanks in advance

    1. The cheat sheets I am talking about are available from the Salesforce help. On the main help page, in the documentation pane, there is a Tip Sheets and Implementation Guides link - click through that and scroll down to the Support Administration section.

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